Why Renewables?

Renewable energy will never run out, does not produce carbon dioxide and is available to everyone regardless of their location.

Benefits of renewable energy to the economy include job creation, rents, rates, services and the production of affordable electricity; an essential component of any economy and reducing the impacts of climate change. The levels of funds staying within the economy are significantly increased if the schemes are owned or part owned by local people themselves and the knock on effect of money generated from the industry remaining within the economy.


Renewable Energy Investment

If you are passionate about Renewable Energy, investing in High Winds could be a perfect opportunity to help the local economy, create clean and carbon neutral electricity and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Renewable Energy Investment is a great way for you to do your bit and can provide you with a great ROI. Energy4All have been running Co-operative Renewable Energy Investment schemes for over a decade and continue to provide all members with a great Return on Investment.