About Us

High Winds Co-operative is a Community Benefit Society . It is managed for the benefit of the community and owned by its Members.

Its constitution is in the form of Rules approved by and registered with the FCA. The founders of High Winds Society are driven by high ethical standards as defined by the international co-operative movement and intend to operate the society in line with the values of co-operation and democracy as well as a commercial ethos. Constitutionally, key characteristics of High Winds, as a Community Benefit Society, are: the Society operates for the benefit of the community; a Member must have the minimum number of Shares each with a nominal value of £1; all Members have one vote regardless of how many Shares they hold; no Member, except another Society, may hold more than 100,000 Shares; the Board is elected by the Members; and only Members are eligible to serve on the Board.

The purpose of High Winds

High Winds was established in 2014 for the purpose of constructing and operating Wind Turbines to produce renewable energy. High Winds will also seek to play an additional role in the community local to the Site through further local projects and the Community Fund.

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